Nesting system variables (PageNumber / PageCount)

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Nesting system variables (PageNumber / PageCount)

Postby awinnefeld on Tue Jul 09, 2019 5:16 am

Hi Flare community,

I tried to create two variables for the footers in our different page layouts. Both of them already contain other variables:
  • there is one variable called "VersionInfo" containing the software version and the date the help was updated: [%=Primary.ProductName%] [%=Primary.ReleaseVersion%] — Updated [%=System.ShortDate%]
  • the other one is called "Page" containing the page number in the following format: Page [%=System.PageNumber%] of [%=System.PageCount%]
The first one works, no problem. The second one doesn't though - in the output, it always displays "Page 1 of 1". Before I go back to just inserting the content of the variable directly (which honestly is no big deal), I just wanted to know if it is just not possible to nest the variables for page number / page count this way, or if I just made some mistake that I don't see at the moment.

I am working in Flare 2018 by the way.

Thank you for your input :)
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