Counting embedded PDFs in chapter numbering

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Counting embedded PDFs in chapter numbering

Postby aysseldyk on Fri May 15, 2020 7:49 am

I'm working with a PDF output file that includes a mix of embedded PDFs and Flare topics. I'm hoping there's a way that Flare will count the embedded PDFs as chapters, so that other H2 Flare topics will increment appropriately.

This is what I want to appear:
1 Section Title
1.1 PDF File 1 (Chapter number is manually added in TOC title)
1.2 PDF File 2 (Chapter number is manually added in TOC title)
1.3 Flare topic 1
1.4 Flare topic 2

And this is what i see:

1 Section Title
1.1 PDF File 1 (Manually added number)
1.2 PDF File 2 (Manually added number)
1.1 Flare topic 1
1.2 Flare topic 2

...where the Flare topics increment as expected but don't account for the embedded PDFs at all. I tried adding a Chapter break on the PDFs, but all that did was increment the entire sections, so 1.1 Flare topic became 4.1 Flare topic. I tried resetting the chapter number for the first Flare topic to 1.3 (with decimal format), but that didn't work either.

I'm not even sure this is possible, but if it is, does anyone know how I could accomplish this?
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Re: Counting embedded PDFs in chapter numbering

Postby robdocsmith on Thu May 21, 2020 4:31 pm


I've had a play and the only way I can think to make this happen is to add each PDF under a dummy chapter that includes a heading with auto numbering and nothing else (you could use it as a title or cover page for the PDF perhaps). The PDF itself doesn't contain any Flare headings for the TOC to increment.

I set up a test project with:

Section Title
...Dummy chapter topic 1
......PDF File 1
...Dummy chapter topic 2
......PDF File 2
...Flare topic 1
...Flare topic 2

I set section and chapter numbering in the TOC properties for each section/chapter, resetting or incrementing numbering as needed for my chapters and sections
I made sure chapter/section titles were automatic in the TOC entries (that is, each line was set to [%=System.LinkedTitle%])
I made H1/H2/H3/H4 styles that included the autonumber formats:
H1 {mc-auto-number-format: '{secnum}';}
H2 {mc-auto-number-format: '{secnum}.{chapnum}';}
H3 {mc-auto-number-format: '{secnum}.{chapnum}.{n+1}';}
H4 {mc-auto-number-format: '{secnum}.{chapnum}.{n}.{n+1}';}

When I generated the PDF, I got the correct autonumbering in the TOC and headings:

1 Section Title
...1.1 Dummy chapter topic 1
......PDF File 1
...1.2 Dummy chapter topic 2
......PDF File 2
...1.3 Flare topic 1
...1.4 Flare topic 2

I don't think you can do it without an introductory chapter topic before each PDF.
Hope that helps,
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