Printed images (PNGs) very small in printed output

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Printed images (PNGs) very small in printed output

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I posted about this yesterday in the CSS index, but that turned out to be a red herring. I figured out, after a ton of trials, that my PNG images are coming out super tiny in PDF output only (even without a thumbnail class or ANY styling applied). All JPEGS are coming out fine in printed output, even if a thumbnail class is applied. I've already set some CSS tricks to make sure that .thumbnail class images are set with a max-width in the print medium.

I've done a ton of digging and I know I'm getting close. If I manually size the image in the Image Properties > Print Size, then it's fine.


1. File > Options > Automatically Resize Low DPI Images -- Tried un-checking that with no change. I have it turned on again now. This isn't really my problem anyway.
2. Target > PDF Options > Image Compression -- Tried the Compression > JPEG setting, but that didn't do anything.

See: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=28529&p=145771#p145771 This seems to be my problem. I'm not super skilled at DPI/PPI/resolution/etc. so bear with me.

I took the same screenshot and saved it as a PNG and then as a JPEG. The PNG is 28KB and the JPEG is 109KB. The PNG has 300ppi and the JPG has 96ppi. In HTML output and in the editor, the two appear roughly the same size. But printing to PDF is basically saying "this is a smaller physical size"... right? Kind of like how my phone and my TV have the same resolution, but my phone has a higher PPI?

The only thing that's worked is to run the PNG through a converter online to turn it into a JPG. Then, suddenly it behaves the way I want it to and responds to the max-width property I have in my print medium.

I'm just very surprised that PNGs with a high PPI are responding properly online, but not in PDF. So, it must be changing PPI for DPI? A little too literally? I'm also surprised that the Image Compression > JPEG setting creates no response whatsoever.


After reading & re-reading through an older topic (viewtopic.php?f=10&p=88568) I opened my PNG images in Capture. I really wanted a solution in my MadCap products... I didn't want to have to run all my transparent PNGs through a converter. You can right-click on the image and select File Properties.

My hunch about the high DPI/PPI being turned into a smaller physical object in print was correct. Fortunately, Capture comes stocked with the ability to either convert OR change the Print DPI right from here. I've attached an image of the settings on the original PNG. When I change the DPI to 96 (the next lowest), the print output is equivalent to the JPEGs.
So yeah - I learned something this week about DPI/PPI with PNGs and JPEGs in Flare. I hope that helps someone else in the future too.

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