Double cross-reference format

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Double cross-reference format

Postby TechWriter85 on Wed Aug 07, 2019 11:28 am


I am including a cross-reference to a section that begins on the same page as the cross-reference, a few paragraphs later. I am using the cross-reference tool and choosing the MadCap:xref.HeadingPage class. I am including the cross-reference now because I don't know if this content will be reorganized, or output as a help project. (Currently it is output only as PDF.)

In the Flare source file, I see the cross-reference in blue providing the heading title and page number. In the PDF output, I see the same blue cross-reference with page number, followed immediately by a second cross-reference in regular black font and saying "below" instead of the page number.

How do I get rid of this duplicate cross-reference format? Thanks.
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