Title Page for Multiple PDF Output

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Title Page for Multiple PDF Output

Postby shoria on Thu Aug 22, 2019 5:53 pm

I have my entire project generating multiple small PDFs as my output (several sections instead of one giant PDF) and I want my PDF title page (logo, copyright statement, etc) to generate as the title page of each PDF.
I have tried creating a Title Page with the "title info" in the header followed by a Normal Page in my page layout option and that doesn't even print the title page
I tried creating a title topic linked only to the title page and that just printed the title page as a separate PDF

Is my only option truly to create a title "topic" and insert it into the TOC before every chapter break (as that's how my multi-PDFs are created)??
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Re: Title Page for Multiple PDF Output

Postby devjoe on Fri Aug 23, 2019 5:27 am


I have a project that generates two PDFs and the way I do it is a little different, but it does have a separate TOC entry for the title page for each PDF.
Each PDF is a separate target and has a separate TOC, with a separate print-only-tagged copy of the page entries for title page, copyright page, contents page, and index before/after the main content.
The title on the title page is a variable which is specified separately in each target.
The master TOC used for help output references each of these TOCs.
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