Glossary proxy inserts unwanted empty page

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Glossary proxy inserts unwanted empty page

Postby Vibeke B on Thu Oct 17, 2019 1:33 am

Hi again,

After using Flare for a couple of years now, I am finally getting round to trying to fixing some of the minor issues I have had where I applied manual fixes until now. Like inserting the empty page before the back side of our manuals. For a while I thought I was not using the empty page settings properly, but I finally found out that the problem is in the glossary proxy. You can edit the use of headings in the proxy. “Yes” and “default” give the same result, while “no” does not use headings (i.e. the A, B C etc in a glossary.) I don’t want headings.

My setup is that I want all chapters to start on whatever page comes next, but in the chapter with the glossary proxy, I get different results depending upon whether I set the proxy to use headings or not. I don’t really want headings, but if I select “default”, this gives me the behavior I want, i.e. the next chapter starts on whatever left or right page comes next. If I select ‘no headings’ in the proxy, an empty page is inserted to make the next chapter start on an even page. Even though the next topic has the L/R setting in the TOC.

Have I explained this properly? Is it an error in Flare, or should I be doing something else? :?

Looking forward to learning more!

-Vibeke :)
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Re: Glossary proxy inserts unwanted empty page

Postby robdocsmith on Sun Oct 20, 2019 8:54 pm

So you have a chapter heading, then a blank page and then the glossary? Or a blank page before the chapter heading?

Before going further I'd carefully check the toc settings for Printed Output and make sure they're the same as other chapters. I've overlooked this and assumed I'd set them correctly before only to discover I'd set Chapter break instead of Page break.

I'm wondering if this is a style issue. If not defined, then defaults might be used which could have inheritance issues from other styles.
A glossary is built from a series of DIVs:
Code: Select all
DIV GlossaryPageHeading
   DIV GlossaryPageEntry
      DIV GlossaryPageTerm
      DIV GlossaryPageDefinition

See for how they interrelate to your output appearance.
If you haven't defined a basic DIV or any of the above 4 classes, it's not always clear what Flare will do based on default styles and what's in your project. Try adding the four div classes that define glossary entries and set all to page-break-before: avoid; .

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Re: Glossary proxy inserts unwanted empty page

Postby ChoccieMuffin on Mon Oct 21, 2019 6:02 am

Do you have a topic that contains the glossary proxy, or do you use the automatic glossary setting? If the former approach, try the latter. :)
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