Style per condition

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Style per condition

Postby JennyLucas on Wed Jan 29, 2020 11:46 am

Hi all,

Background: I have a lot of topics. Each topic includes different content, each content is marked by condition tags. I output my targets as Word documents for others to review (they don't have Flare). On my screen, I see different colors for each content based on it's condition.

What I want is to have a target (MS Word, with style sheet) such that the review sees which content is conditioned.

Example: Conditions A and B. I have a topic that has two parts for each condition: Line 1 is condition A and line 2 is condition b.
I need a word document that shows both lines, colored based on the condition (so it looks kinda like my XML Editor view).
As the document is reviewed, we will be narrowing down the content and I would change the target to only show that one condition, as PDF, with no colors. That PDF is published.
Reviewers want to see all content during review so they can see if there is overlap.

I'm thinking a different style sheet for Word vs PDF, but I can't get the styles to work.

Any thoughts?
Thanks, Jenny
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Re: Style per condition

Postby SteveS on Wed Jan 29, 2020 2:41 pm

Welcome to the forums... :D

If I understand you...

You should be able to create a new target that includes both conditions.

You can also redefine the styles in the media section of the stylesheet. Set the font colour properties to match the colour you use for the conditions would be the obvious way to go.

One approach is to create a different style sheet for each:

But I think the more elegant approach is to create a style for each condition:

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Re: Style per condition

Postby JennyLucas on Fri Mar 06, 2020 3:45 pm

Hi SteveS.

Thanks so much for your response. Unfortunately, those are backwards.

The two links put a condition on a style. I want to use a style based on the condition.

This is how it looks in Flare (hope this works)

I want it to look like this in PDF and WORD.

Yes, I can apply a condition and a style, but that doubles my work. (Every time I put a condition on something, I have to also apply the style.)

Or am I just thinking backwards? I'm going to try that "condition on a style" link and see if that does what I want.

Thanks again!
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Re: Style per condition

Postby JennyLucas on Fri Mar 06, 2020 4:01 pm

Well colour me silly.

First kick at this and it seems to work. I just apply styles as needed. Link the condition to the style. Then in my target, I specify the condition, just like before.

Don't know why I didn't just try it. Seemed like it was backwards to what I was trying to do.

Time to change my conditions to styles. Yay.

Thanks again for the help,
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Re: Style per condition

Postby Ninja on Mon Mar 15, 2021 4:56 pm

I must be missing something...

I have the same requirement - I am writing 4 manuals and will be reusing content. Where content is only applicable in one manual I have applied a condition. These manuals will only be output in Word. Previously I have output the 4 manuals separately but then the reviewers get confused because they know they have read a section before (in one of the other manuals) so they'll skip a section not realising that there is additional content in this manual.

So, when I first read this post I was going "YAY - this is what I need!". I can output a 'super manual' that will have content from all 4 manuals and the reviewers will know that when they see green text, that text will only appear in the Maintenance manual.

However I must be missing something because it's not working like I hoped it would.

I have set up a Style called p.maintenance, have set the font colour to blue, and set the mc-condition to MaintenanceManual.
I have flagged some text in the topic with the condition MaintenanceManual.
I have set the condition in the Target to include MaintenanceManual.

The text in the output is still black.

I feel like I have to set the style in the topic to p.maintenance but I want to avoid doing this as it means I will have to apply condition and style to text (and that's what the original poster wanted to avoid). This means that I would have to then go back, find all the text with the new styles and delete them once we have finished the review.

What am I missing?
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