xrefs to topics not included in PDF output not translated

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xrefs to topics not included in PDF output not translated

Postby simona on Thu Oct 22, 2020 8:42 am

We use PDF outputs for our internal review process, which is why we have a lot of partial PDF builds where many topics that would be in the general web-based publication are not included. This works fine in our primary language (German), but causes some problems with the secondary language (English).

The problems concern topics with xrefs to other topics in the project because these xrefs will appear untranslated in our English PDF output if the target topic is excluded from the build (meaning it is not included in the partail build review TOC). To our coworkers who review the material in English this is rather annoying because they will find German links across the English PDF document.

Since this is just an internal issue for us, it doesn't (yet) have a high priority. But there must be project setups elsewhere where such partial PDFs are actually published and where such missing translations would be inacceptable. So I am hoping someone here might have already soved that problem.
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