Images extending editing area in XML editor

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Images extending editing area in XML editor

Postby witia1990 on Tue Nov 03, 2020 6:54 am

I have such a question. Is it possible to set somehow settings of the XML editor area so that images will not extend the editing area, like in this picture:
Image extending area.png

I am familiar with all the resize options described here:

All in all, MS WORD autofits the picture to its body area:
Image in WORD.png

Is it possible to set Flare, so that the image autofits to the body of XML editor like in MS WORD (in any other way than using a style)?
I have to add that I am using Flare 2017 r3.
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Re: Images extending editing area in XML editor

Postby robdocsmith on Wed Nov 04, 2020 5:17 pm

The short answer is that Flare isn't Word.

The XML editor is mostly WYSIWYG bounded by whatever rules defined in the CSS styles and page layouts.

If you set a default "width: 100%;" or "max-width: 100%;" on IMG tags in your stylesheet, the image will be limited to fill 100% of the width of the containing element. Without this limitation, or another local setting on each image, the editor inserts an image at full width of the image. I find this helpful as it indicates where images can be edited or reconfigured to suit the print page.

A global "width: 100%;" or "max-width: 100%;" may not be what is desired in all circumstances, particularly where you have a mix of portrait and landscape images that may exceed page boundaries with a default setting.

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