Conditional text in multi-target with single pdf output

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Conditional text in multi-target with single pdf output

Postby jeeves007 on Wed Mar 31, 2021 4:34 pm

I have 10 targets and 1 master target in one project.
All the 11 targets, have target-specific footer content applied using Conditional text. For example: Apply condition 2 to target 2.
I use a single page layout for the 10 targets (so the layout has a single source.) And I use a separate layout for the master target.
Now the conditional texts work very well when I create independent target outputs. The conditional text appears on page one of each target.
However, when I want to do a multi-target output, the conditional text doesn't work. Either I see all the conditional text on page 1 of each target or I see none. It is either all or nothing.
The ToC currently has the Master followed by the 10 target's ToC. They all are at the same level and not nested.
How do I ensure the conditional text appropriate to each target appears only on its own page one, not on all page 1's of other targets.
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Re: Conditional text in multi-target with single pdf output

Postby Folkie on Thu Apr 08, 2021 3:01 am


Unfortunately although you can apply conditions to a TOC, that isn't the same as including or excluding the conditioned content - you can only actually include or exclude conditions at the target level. So when you create a master target of multiple TOCs, any included or excluded content is applied to everything in that master target as you've found.

I know the problem very well and it took a bit of getting my head around - my colleague posted about it couple of weeks ago, so maybe one of the solutions in Dave's response might help: viewtopic.php?f=13&t=33119

It sparked off a train of thought that led us to a different solution. We have a lot of different elements to include/exclude in our master help - paragraphs, images, whole topics etc. but as our master target is only for internal reference and will never be released in the wild, we've decided to include all the variants in one, with subheadings (conditioned to appear in the master target only) to indicate which sector each variant applies to. That probably wouldn't work for what you want as it will look a bit clunky, but that's fine for internal use so we're happy with it.

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