Remove hyphens from page number | page number format / style

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Remove hyphens from page number | page number format / style

Postby madharrison on Tue Apr 06, 2021 10:27 pm

Hi there,

In my page layout, I added a page number variable to the footer.

The page number displays as: -x-
So if I was on page 5, the page number would display as: -5-

How can I remove the hyphens and add 'Page' before the number? So instead of -5-, I'd like it to display as Page 5.

Thank you.
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Re: Remove hyphens from page number | page number format / s

Postby robdocsmith on Wed Apr 07, 2021 4:29 pm

Are you using the standard System.PageNumber variable? The default System.PageNumber variable doesn't include hyphens. For example, I use it in my footer like this:

<p class="footertext">Page <MadCap:variable xhtml:name="System.PageNumber" /></p>

The type of Page numbering itself is defined in the TOC Editor. Check that in the Printed Output section for a document in your TOC, the Page Number section isn't specifying adding hyphens (for example in my docs I use chapter numbering so I have the string "{chapnum}-{n}" and the format is set to text. The final page number in the footer looks like "Page 6-12").

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