Creating MS Word doc target with cover page, TOC and Index.

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Creating MS Word doc target with cover page, TOC and Index.

Postby Jane Dudgeon on Thu Sep 04, 2008 7:16 am

Oh someone Help Me Please? I am a brand new user to Flare. Have over 10 years experience w/ RoboHelp, so this transition to using Flare is scaring me silly. :?

I have imported a RH project into Flare. I settled with the RH styles that were imported into Flare, so all topics look ok with the index keywords applied and everything seems to be good. I was able to select WebHelp as primary target and build that target and all looks fine for online target.

My problem is how do you create a MS Word target so that the MS Word output has a cover page, a page that says Contents for the TOC (a place holder I guess for the TOC) and another for the index? I tried selecting the the MS Word and made it the primary target. When I go to do the MS Word target build, it shows the topics in MS Word, but there is no cover page or contents page.

I've searched the online Help and searched the forum. When I used RoboHelp, I simply did a File>Generate Printed Documentation and selected my options and 'poof' a printed documenation of the project appeared with a cover page and a contents page holding the TOC topics. How is this done in Flare? I am afraid I will need explicit and easy to follow steps. I am a brand new user to Flare. Only been using it a week, and it is so different from RoboHelp. I am scared to death and feel like I will never get the hang of Flare. Anyone out there who can help me please?

Thanks so much
- Jane D. :?
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Re: Creating MS Word doc target with cover page, TOC and Index.

Postby wclass on Thu Sep 04, 2008 7:32 am

Hi Jane,

The step by step instructions are in the online help - have a look at the help contents rather than search, and browse to:
Features > Printed Output > Creating a Topic for a Print TOC

There are several ways to create cover pages - I suggest you read up on Master pages next.

I hope this can get you started.

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