Rules in headers and footers

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Rules in headers and footers

Postby jpeffley on Fri Sep 26, 2008 3:05 pm

I'm using the default page layouts with the headers and footers. I changed the text in them to fit my doc. Both the header and footer have a rule, but when I output to PDF, only the rule in the footer shows. My frames are not overlapping. I tried adding a decoration frame below the heading frame and inserting the rule (and changing the hr tag to try to match the weight/color of the one in the footer), but now it looks like there's a shadow of another ruler behind the heavier one.

Also, how do you adjust the rules above and below the columns in the double columns on the Index page layout? These are showing very erratically - sometimes above the left column and below the right column, sometimes above and below both, sometimes across the gutter bottom only.
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