Table issues when generating FrameMaker files from Flare V3

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Table issues when generating FrameMaker files from Flare V3

Postby A_S_L on Tue Oct 07, 2008 4:17 am

I am trying to generate single-sourced documentation for a new product. I have no problem generating the HTML Help, but I am encountering the following problems with tables in FrameMaker:

- If the contents of a cell is too big for the page, the bottom of the cell is cut off. Obviously I would like the content to split over the page instead. I have tried experimenting with the page-break settings in the CSS, but I can't get anything to work.
- There are many tables that expand over the page. I need to manually insert heading rows for each table when editing the Frame. Is there a way to set this up manually? It's taking me forever. So long that it may be easier to skip single sourcing as I don't want to re-do this after each compile.

Note that I think am only using a single stylesheet (I can find no reference to a table stylesheet).

I would really appreciate some Help with this as it's really frustrating me.
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