Page Layouts and only odd page numbers appear

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Page Layouts and only odd page numbers appear

Postby Jane Dudgeon on Wed Oct 08, 2008 5:09 am

Hi there. I am so frustrated. My boss won't pay for client support, and I have to do something that is not working right. I hope you will read this and help me. I posted this earlier and got two replies but their suggestions did not work. Is there someone out there who can call into MadCap customer client support and tell me what I am doing wrong here please? :? :oops:

My goal is to have printed documentation where there is a cover page that is blank. And then I want the rest of the pages to show page numbers in the bottom middle (including the TOC pages). When I created a page layout callled Body, I went to the bottom and pressed F2 to insert a page number in the footer. When I generated the Word target, the page numbers all appear, including the cover page. But I don't want the page number on that cover page.

So, I created another page layout called Cover. I made sure to check the header and footer and cleared out the proxie for header and footer. I had created a new topic called Cover and another topic called Contents. (The Contents page has a TOC proxie).

With each of these topics I set conditions for Print Only. Then I went to the TOC and added the Cover topic and Contents topic. Then on the TOC I clicked the Cover topic and under Chapter Break selected to start new chapter document and selected Cover layout. For page type I selected First. For 'Auto End on left page, I left that as enabled. Under page number I clicked the Continue from previous and left the defaults. Then I did the same steps to page layout of Body. I selected Content page layout. At page type, I left it as 'Nornal". Is this where I messed up?). For Auto end on left page, I selected Enabled.

When I go to build the 'word target, only the odd page numbers appear in the footer. What happened to the even page numbers? Is there something wrong I'm doing on the Printed Output tab?

I played around with different settings on the Printed Output tab. When I created the Cover and Body page layouts from the template I selected FrontMatter for cover and Default for Body. On the Printed Documentation Basic tab, what MasterPage Layout should I select? Should I select Cover or Body?

What baffles me is that if use only the Body page layout, every page has a page number in the footer, including the cover page.

Can anyone help me please? I posted this yesterday. Two people responded. One person said that on Printed Documentation tab there is a option called "Generate Mirror Margins. I tried that and it did not work. Another person told me that on the TOC outline and right ciick where you want Body page to start and select something other than Normal for page type. I did try some of the other settings, such as First, As is and Default. Also, what should i select for Auto-end on left page?

For the page number section, what radio button should I select Continue from previous or Reset to 1. I had been selecting Reset to 1 because I want the TOC page to start with number 1 in the footer.

I would be most grateful if someone can either help me, or can someone who has client support to send this issue in and get back to me?

My email address is

Thanks so much
Jane D.
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