Push table outside of a frame

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Push table outside of a frame

Postby gregoryrwalker on Thu Oct 23, 2008 2:09 pm

I've got a body frame that runs two thirds of the width of the page, aligned with the header and footer on the right-hand side. This leaves three inches of white space on the left hand side of the frame (except for the header and footer that take up 7 of the pages 8.5 inches of width).

Now what I'd like to do is extend some tables out into the white space. I monkeyed around with different setting but haven't come up with a solution that works. I tried setting the table styles position to outside-frame-right and increasing the width of the columns. This worked well, but then the tables wouldn't break when they got to the end of the page. Other outside positions put the table in all kinds of strange places. I've tried tweaking margins, adding padding, etc without any luck.


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