Special variable in snippets

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Special variable in snippets

Postby Matze on Sun Feb 06, 2022 10:58 pm

Hi all,
regarding this one:

https://help.madcapsoftware.com/flare20 ... oninaTopic

What are your experiences regarding special variable snippets.

I guess but not sure, that brings a lot of confusing in our normal standard variable structure used in topics, capture images and snippets as well.

Or are this type of variable really needed? Have you some examples?
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Re: Special variable in snippets

Postby Dave Lee on Mon Feb 07, 2022 3:27 am

You'd use snippet variables when you want to change a variable's value in that individual snippet, and override the variable's value you've set in the variable file or the target.

So you can set the value of a variable in various places:
- Variable file: sets the default variable value.
- Target: sets the variable value for that target, and overrides the default value in the variable file.
- Snippet: sets the variable value for that instance of the snippet, and overrides the value in the target and/or variable file.

The same rules apply to using snippet conditions - they allow you to control conditions in that individual snippet.
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