To go TopNav or not?

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To go TopNav or not?

Postby deeptikorwar on Thu Jun 18, 2015 6:59 pm

After reading many discussions on this topic, I decided to modify the "Where Do I begin" button in the TopNav template to "Help - Tree View" so that users can switch easily to either view.

You will need two URLs and two TOCs.

    After this copy the main stylesheet (styles.css) for the old project and rename it to NTVstyles.css

    Modify the following styles in styles.css to suit the TopNav output only if your previous breadcrumbs and header are more suited for the TOC view.
Code: Select all

    Point the old TOC view target to NTVstyles.css.
The only thing that you will have to bear in mind now is that while creating new topics, you will have to copy an existing topic so that the stylesheet links are intact.

I guess another way would be to add a new medium called "NonTopNav" to styles.css (keeping in mind the above styles that require changes) and associate this medium in the old target. I still have to experiment this method.

Hope this works and will be useful to others too if you are struck with the same dilemma :)

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