Auto-generated KB article numbers

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Auto-generated KB article numbers

Postby kkilman on Fri Jul 17, 2015 10:39 am

Does anyone know how to auto-generate the article number for articles in the KB template?
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Re: Auto-generated KB article numbers

Postby kkelleher on Fri Jul 17, 2015 1:46 pm

You can define a new paragraph style that includes an autonumber with the mc-autonumber-position set to inside-tail. Give it an offset to separate it from the Article #: span:
mc-auto-number-format: N:{n+}
mc-auto-number-offset: 1.00em
mc-auto-number-position: inside-tail

The only problem with this solution is that the numbers will change if you move the articles around in the ToC. For example, say I had three articles in my project:
Article 1: Troubleshooting Product A
Article 2: Troubleshooting Product B
Article 3: Troubleshooting Product C

If I decided I wanted to change the order, the article numbers will also change:
Article 1: Troubleshooting Product C
Article 2: Troubleshooting Product A
Article 3: Troubleshooting Product B

That might be okay. But if you have external resources that refer to these articles, (such as forum posts from your Support team or the like), the numbers would get out of date. I'm not sure if you can auto-generate a number that won't get updated if you reorganize your articles.


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