Playing Audio with <audio> tags in Flare

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Playing Audio with <audio> tags in Flare

Postby ghillerson on Fri Jul 31, 2015 2:49 pm

Just had a go-round with Flare support, and we learned the answer I needed for playing audio files in Flare topics, with cross-browser, cross-OS compatibility.

I had tried using the Insert Multimedia facility in Flare to pull in little MP3 "players," which worked in Firefox and IE, but not in Chrome on Windows (at least not on 64-bit Chrome) and not in Safari or Chrome on the Mac.

I then tried using html <audio> tags as documented for HTML, but Flare would not parse them. The solution is to use the XML syntax for <audio> tags, which is slightly different than HTML syntax. This works great in Flare, and the MP3s play in IE on Windows, in Safari on Macs, and in Chrome or Firefox on either OS. Also in Chrome and Safari on my iPhone and iPad.

The correct syntax is: <audio controls="true" src="[mp3 file path]"></audio>

Thanks to Bobby in support for sleuthing this out!

- Gary
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