Concept links and drop-downs in Flare 12?

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Concept links and drop-downs in Flare 12?

Postby agneta_a on Tue Aug 09, 2016 7:14 am


Is there a way to use concept links with drop-downs? It would be really useful in a project I'm working on, but it seems that concept links only work on a topic level?

This is what I've done:
1. In a topic with several drop-downs, add concept keywords to each drop-down header.
2. From another topic, link to one or more of those drop-downs.

It can be done, and the links do take the user to the expected drop-down in the built help. Also, the code (text editor) refers to the respective drop-down headers. However, the See also menu (or similar) always displays the topic title, not the drop-down header. In other words, a menu can contain two or more links looking identical (but targeting different drop-down headers etc).

Is there any way to have Flare use the drop-down headers when needed? Maybe I'm missing something obvious? :)
I'd be greatful for any ideas, advice or tips.
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Re: Concept links and drop-downs in Flare 12?

Postby Kolman on Thu Dec 15, 2016 3:18 am

I'm fairly new to Flare and I'm also wondering about this.

At the moment I'm not sure what concept links are and what I would use them for, but I have taken the same steps for several Drop-downs.
Right now I've been using cross-references. The problem with these is that they don't show up in the link viewer and I want to be able to check their status.

Also if i preview a topic and follow the link, the resulting preview shows the second topic which has dropdowns, but the drop-down style is lost and every dropdown shows as normal text.
- In published output, does it retain dropdown style?
- If not, how can i circumvent this?
- If it does, if i follow a link will it go to a page where it then centers on an opened dropdown while the others are closed?

Seeing as it has been some timea and there has been no reply,did you by any chance figure this out (or anyone else of course)?
I'd also be greatful for any ideas, advice or tips.
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