Page imposition of a document for printing

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Page imposition of a document for printing

Postby J_Middleton on Wed Jul 26, 2017 10:11 am

I created a half-size instruction manual to fit product packaging, reusing legacy content. If planned well, page imposition can be automated. Imposition is placement of pages in a layout, limited by the size of the press which will be used for a print job. Pages may be upside down in relation to each other. After folding and trimming, pages will be right side up for the reader.
Use Page Layout Editor, Stylesheet Editor and TOC Editor to position legacy content in new document formats.
The Page Layout Editor provides limited options for page order and layout (Title, Normal, Left, Right, Blank, etc.). Create larger sheet layouts for signatures (2-, 4-, 8-page or more spreads). Rotate frames on the layout as needed.
However, beware use of variables in headers, footers and page number positions. These variables may not show more than once in a layout.
By the way, more pages in a signature cause binder creep. Include progressive adjustment of margins among pages to make up for this.
Apply flow between frames in Page Layout Editor to cause content to go in particular frames on the spreads.
I added selectors in the Stylesheet Editor for h1, h2, p, ul and li.
I created new topics based on the legacy topics.
I applied the new style classes of h1, h2, p, ul and li throughout the html of the topics. This can be done with search and replace, when a topic is open.
If there are no chapters and no chapter breaks in the document, use the TOC Editor to arrange topics, directing the page layout for the output pdf.
If necessary place frame breaks in topic paragraphs to guide content to the correct pages in a layout.
Create a Target and change the PDF Options as needed. Please note, a Stylesheet Medium may need to be created for the layout created in the Page Layout Editor.
Print the pdf target on a standard laser printer to verify the layout is correct.
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