Tips for Outlining

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Tips for Outlining

Postby yonatanlehman on Tue Sep 19, 2017 2:33 am

Hi There
When I start a new document, or a new section, I like to brainstorm and make a list of subjects, in some sort of outline hierarchy to get a view of what i want to do.
In Flare these then become content/folder, Topics, Snippets or just headings and paragraphs in a topic/snippet
Does anyone have a top how this can be done easily - i.e.
1) Quick way of building a tree of subjects as pure text (text folding would be cool)
2) converting each node or leaf into an appropriate element in the content tree - a folder/topic/snippet or just text in a topic/snippet
3) I assume that as the document evolves the basic parts also evolves - text and topics become snippets s the need to reuse them is discovered

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