Salesforce: Error 140006, Publish Failed

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Salesforce: Error 140006, Publish Failed

Postby agracer on Wed Jul 11, 2018 1:37 pm

If you get the following error while publishing to Salesforce, it may be due to file size limitations:
140006, Publish Failed: Could not upload filename

My testing showed that source HTM over 15 KB; output over 50KB will fail (I was successful with 14, 46 respectively).

I worked with Support and confirmed that individual image file size was not the cause, nor was exceeding the 32000 character limit in Salesforce. We also ruled out pretty much every other cause, and I just left to test the last possibility of file size. I requested that Support confirm and document my findings.

If you run into this error, splitting your source may help.
To make splitting your source by header easy, use the Kaizen plug in.

Hope this saves someone some time!
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