Is Flare 2022 a bit slow?

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Is Flare 2022 a bit slow?

Postby doloremipsum on Wed Jun 22, 2022 8:03 pm

Salvete omnes, I've been running Flare 2022 this week and it is noticeably slower than 2021R2, which I was running before. This is mostly affecting my largest project: there's often a considerable input delay when I'm typing in a topic, meaning I often have to pause and wait for the display to catch up to my typing. The Find All tool is a lot slower to search the whole project as well.

Has anyone else noticed this? I know my computer is kind of old, but it runs ok with most other applications, including Flare 2021 still.
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Re: Is Flare 2022 a bit slow?

Postby ajturnersurrey on Thu Jun 23, 2022 6:01 am

Never brave enough to be an early adopter, so I have no first-hand experience of Flare 2022 yet - I am waiting to see what others think of it!

The system requirements haven't changed over the last year, but if your old hardware was running close to the 8GB RAM limit then this update could be one too far.
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