December 30 1600 Variable on Search Page

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December 30 1600 Variable on Search Page

Postby sds on Wed Sep 25, 2019 3:02 pm

I was only able to find one other post about this, posted in January 2019. It didn't seem completely resolved.

I decided to add a date/time variable to my Master Page in my Top Nav project. In fact, I have 3 different Master Pages in that project, and at first I'd added it to all 3. When I built the output, I was pleased with the results. Then I tested a search and found the date/time variable defaulted to December 30 1600. I'm fairly good at finding my way around Flare these days, but I just can't get that date/time to show up on my regular Topics, and not on the search page (or, on the search page but properly formatted). I tried removing it from all the Master Pages that didn't need it and it did not resolve it. The other post I mentioned described creating a handmade search page. I'm wanting to avoid that. And I'm assuming Flare uses the (default) Master Page for the Top Nav skin? So I can't set it to another Master Page?

What's more frustrating, is that I have another project that uses the Tripane skin. I put the date/time variable on the Master Page that's used on all Topics, and it doesn't default to December 30 1600 in the search results there. I'm at a loss and hoping for some tips.

EDIT: In the Tripane project, the date/time variable doesn't show up at all. Which tells me that at least in that project, it's not using the Master Page?
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