How do I cycle the active files with keyboard?

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How do I cycle the active files with keyboard?

Postby autocart on Fri Sep 17, 2021 5:43 am

Hello all,

I want to cycle through the open tabs resp. active files with the keyboard, preferrably with Ctrl+Tab and backwards with Ctrl+Shift+Tab.

Maybe I am blind or dumb, but I found that Ctrl+Tab only brings up a small dialog in which one can select the tab / file to switch to either with the mouse or by continuously pressing Ctrl+Tab.

I have three problems with that:
1) It does not cycle through the open tabs. When pressing Ctrl+Tab once it switches to the last used tab. This could also be useful at times, but not what I want most of the time. I want it to switch to the next tab in line on the tab bar.
2) Pressing Ctrl+Shift+Tab, it does not cycle backwards, but switches focus of the active pane, as it seems, in an unpredictive manner, at least for me.
3) I would prefer for the cycling through the open tabs to happen without any dialog poppig up.

Does anyone have a thought on how I can achive my wishes?
I don't mind if it involves a complicated solution, as long as it works in the end.
Thank you all!
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