eLearning - multiple courses and tests

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eLearning - multiple courses and tests

Postby LarryCarey on Thu Sep 23, 2021 2:37 pm

Feels like a basic question, but here goes...
I need to create an eLearning project that contains several different courses. I have following the tutorials provided with Madcap, since this is all brand new to me, and things basically seem to be working. In my TOC, I have set up a series of books representing the other Courses that need to have in this project. When I build the project, the intro topic opens as expected, and has Prev and Next buttons (which I don't want on that topic).

My question is - since there is no TOC in the output, how does one provide navigation to all of the "Courses" (books) in the project?

Since the project is set up as "eLearning", I get the PREV and NEXT buttons on each topic. This is what I want, except that when you reach the end of the first course (after completing the test), I don't see any way of returning to a home page. In other words, I seem to be stuck with only the Prev and Next buttons for navigation...

Is there a way to add a topic to an eLearning project that does NOT have the eLearning Nav buttons? If I could do that, I would simply add a home page that provides links to the intro topics to each Course in the project.

The eLearning tools look like they will get me where I need to go if I can figure them out.
Any help is appreciated...thanks!
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