Can we apply a condition to part of a TOC?

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Can we apply a condition to part of a TOC?

Post by JamesMcL »

Hi, happy new year everyone. I hope this post makes sense.

We do a combined publish of all our manuals as an HTML output. Let's assume that one section in the TOC is about apples and another is about bananas. We share some topics between the 2 sections. We want to have one sentence conditioned to only show in the apples section and an alternative sentence to show in the bananas section. However, because our target has to specify both "include apples" and "include bananas" conditions, it will publish both sentences at each occurrence.

Is there any way that we can tell Flare to treat one part of the TOC as just "apples", and treat another part of the TOC as just "bananas"?

We've been working around this by creating separate versions of the topic for apples and bananas, and then including the common text via snippets, but this is clunky.
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Re: Can we apply a condition to part of a TOC?

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You might be looking for snippet conditions: ... tions2.htm
Or perhaps snippet variables.

In this case I think you would create a snippet to hold the entire content of the shared page, and two topics that link to that snippet. The Apple topic would display the content conditioned for apples and exclude the Banana items, and the Banana topic would do the reverse.
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