Tiny Icons and Overlapping Settings Fields

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Tiny Icons and Overlapping Settings Fields

Postby spatte22 on Thu Jul 05, 2018 8:19 am

(Sorry for the ginormous screenshots :P)

Edit: I found this page viewtopic.php?f=13&t=27784&p=130870&hilit=small+icons#p130870 which might help me out, but I don't think it addresses my other issue - if it's an issue at all - regarding the inability to smoothly move things (such as boxes that I create) around on an image. Maybe that's just a Capture thing, maybe it's an actual issue with resolution.... I'm not sure :P

Hi everyone,

I submitted a bug report regarding this issue, but I'm also wondering if anyone here has encountered it before. These two screenshots show that my tool icons are super tiny and that certain fields in my settings box overlap each other and are also tiny. When install (and re-install) my version of Capture (it also affects Flare, but not as severe), I do not use any custom settings, everything is standard, so I'm thinking that maybe it's some type of bug?


Additionally, I have one more issue that might be related; let me use an example to explain it. Let's say I'm editing an image, and I draw a box around something. When I move that box around the image, I do not seem to have a smooth, granular movement of the box, it seems to jump around in large increments - maybe as large as a full centimeter. This causes an issue in that I cannot , for example, outline something on my image unless I initially draw the box exactly where I need it. However, even if I draw the box exactly where I need it, if I need to, for example, create another numbered square exactly in the corner of the first box, if I need to move it around at all to get a seamless position, the inability to move things in small increments means that I cannot line up to items exactly.

I think that these two issues are maybe connected somehow, but am not certain how. I wonder if it is not a bug with Capture (and Flare) themselves, it almost feels like I have a pixel or resolution issue with my monitors (I have 3 monitors with 2 different sizes).

Any input? I'd appreciate it very much! Thanks :)
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