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Resizing Bubble

Post by Gwinnett »

I am trying to resize a rectangle bubble and maintain the object's aspect ratio (i.e., keep the proportions of the object the same as you resize it).
According to online help:
- Hover over any of the points around the edge of the object so that the cursor is displayed as a Size-All cursor.
- Click and drag your mouse to resize the object.
Tip: If you want to maintain the object's aspect ratio (i.e., keep the proportions of the object the same as you resize it), hold the SHIFT key while you drag the mouse.

I have done the above holding the shift key but cannot make the retangle bubble resize proportionally. Interestingly the Size-All cursor only appears on the bubble point. Is there a step/trick I am missing? See link below for demo of what happens when I try to resize -> Screencast link:

Thanks for your help.
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Re: Resizing Bubble

Post by atomdocs »

Hi Mel - I can get this to work ok in Capture, with the following observation: the proportional resize only applies to the area of the bubble (the rectangle), it doesn't apply to the point of the pointer, which stays locked in position - I think that is a good feature.

The base of the pointer (where it connects to the rectangle) is set to a percentage value by default, so that distance will adjust, but you can restrict that by giving it a unit value in the Bubble Properties > Pointer tab.

To get the rectangle to resize proportionally I put the mouse pointer over a corner point (displays the diagonal arrow cursor), pressed Shift and dragged. I think you had that effect working in your video when you dragged a corner at 0:27. Maybe just exaggerate that movement to see the effect more clearly.

I think you're right: the advice in the Help is incorrect.
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Re: Resizing Bubble

Post by codythe1st »

When I shift drag images the aspect ratio is not maintained... is this a bug?
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