Poor resolution of callouts in PDF from Capture

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Poor resolution of callouts in PDF from Capture

Postby Bill_Connecticut on Tue Mar 27, 2012 8:10 am

We have created callouts in Flare versions 7.2 and 8 using Madcap Capture version 5, then created a PDF.
The resolution of the callouts in the PDF is very poor, very pixilated. We have had to delay migration to Flare from FrameMaker because of it.

I've contacted Flare and they say it's a known bug but this was in Sept 2011 and I'm still waiting for a fix. Has anyone else out there had this issue and if so, have you found a work-around in Flare or Capture? Failing that, is there a 3rd party app out there that we could use instead. Note: the callout have to be easily translated.
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Re: Poor resolution of callouts in PDF from Capture

Postby SteveS on Tue Mar 27, 2012 1:57 pm

Madcap has released version 6 of Capture. If they are aware of a bug I am wondering if they have addressed it in the new release.
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Re: Poor resolution of callouts in PDF from Capture

Postby kathryngz on Wed Jun 17, 2015 10:09 am

Version 11 is much better, but the text in callouts is still somewhat distorted. I discovered something that might help others dealing with this issue.
If the font looks pixelated in Capture, it's not going to look any better in Flare itself or PDF. For instance, I chose Calibri 10 pt, and it looked pixelated in all three places. But when I chose Arial 9, the quality was perfect in Capture and Flare, and had only minor distortion in the PDF.

When I used Calibri 10 pt, the odd thing was that if I enlarged the view in Capture, the font no longer looked pixelated. But it still came through looking pixelated in Flare and the PDF.

I hope MadCap makes this issue a top priority to resolve in an upgrade to Capture and Flare. It comes close to being a deal-breaker for using Capture. I love the convenience of how Capture integrates with Flare, but the less-than-high-quality PDF output is a definite problem.
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Re: Poor resolution of callouts in PDF from Capture

Postby dorcutt on Wed Jun 17, 2015 10:31 am

Completely agreed, the poor scaling of Capture text is a huge problem. Combined with the scaling issues of the drawn shapes and even the images themselves, it severely damages the professionalism of the end product.

The latest version of Capture was a major improvement (the crop and batch replace features are great), and its ability to work with Flare single-sourcing is irreplaceable, but its issues with image scaling are definitely severe.
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