Suddenly Enable Time Delay freezes MadCap Capture

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Suddenly Enable Time Delay freezes MadCap Capture

Postby DocuWil on Mon Dec 02, 2013 7:33 am

I hope someone can help.
When the option Enable Time Delay is not set everything works fine.
However, normally I always (some years already) work with this option and never had any problem.

Since today this option freezes MadCap Capture and I have to kill the program.
I have tried everything: restarting Capture, restarting my PC, repairing Capture, re-installing Capture completely, closed Flare.
Nothing helps.

As I need the option very badly I am now forced to use Snagit
Wil Veenstra

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(Using Flare 11.1.2, Capture 7.0.0 and Mimic 7.0.0 in Windows 10 64-bit)
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