[SOLVED] MadCap Capture and Conditions...

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[SOLVED] MadCap Capture and Conditions...

Postby gbusch on Thu Jul 24, 2014 7:42 am

My apologizes if this already has been answered elsewhere but it seems i'm not able to find it.

What i'm trying to do is to provide images in different quality for print and screen media.
Since the images are screenshots in screen media they are displayed as is.
But for print output i want to use grayscaled images with higher dpi.

No doubt, MadCap Capture seems to be the right tool.
I edit the image in Capture and in the file properties i enable the Flare Print Format option where i can set the dpi, and grayscale for print media.

My problem is the grayscaling of Capture sometimes results in images with low contrast. Sometimes you cannot differ between light red, light blue or light green. So i turn off grayscaling images for print media in Capture and create the grayscaled images by myself with an imageprocessor (Photoshop for example) where i can tweak colors before converting to grayscaled images and add some more contrast or tweak brightness.

Via copy & paste i'm inserting the custom grayscaled image into Capture as a layer above the original colored one. The layer gets the condition "Print" (which is predefined by my Flare project). In the file properties i setup the conditions to include only "Print" conditions. Any other condition will be excluded.

Expected behaviour is to see the custom grayscaled image layer only when I create my target output which includes the condition "Print" and to see the original colored image when any other output without the condition "Print" is created.

But what i see is always the custom grayscaled image layer. So the condition stuff is not recognized. If i play around with the conditions in Capture i manage to see the colored image on print media but the grayscaled image on screen media and vise versa - but the media has nothing to with my condition tags.

Do i misunderstand the concept of MadCap Capture, conditions, layers etc.?

Edit:Whooops! Sorry for posting in the wrong board. Some moderator please may move it to the apropriate MadCap Capture board.
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Re: MadCap Capture and Conditions...

Postby gbusch on Fri Jul 25, 2014 4:57 am

Some more details:

I have a MadCap Flare project with target output CHM and PDF.
I have a condition called "Print".
The CHM output excludes the condition "Print".
The PDF output includes the condition "Print".
I have a MadCap Capture image inside my Flare project.
So i have acces to all conditions of my Flare Project.
I added a shape to that image with condition "Print".

The expected behaviour when generating outputs is that this shape is not displayed on outputs which exclude the condition "Print".
That means in CHM output the shape should be not displayed.
In PDF output it should be displayed.

Result is:
The shape is not displayed in my CHM output. (ok)
The shape is displayed in my PDF output. (ok)

I have another target output of type PDF which also excludes the condition "Print" (same as in CHM).
Expected behaviour is that the shape is not displayed. (same as in CHM)

Result is: The shape is displayed. (wrong)

No matter what i do: the shape is always displayed as soon as the target output is PDF.
No matter what condition is in- or excluded by this output.

Is this a general issue when dealing with MadCap Capture, conditioned shapes and MadCap Flare PDF outputs or am i doing something wrong?
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Re: MadCap Capture and Conditions...

Postby gbusch on Mon Jul 28, 2014 12:55 am

Well, it seems this issue does not exist. :oops:

Well ... it exists ... but only if i generate output as preview of the current topic in MadCap Flare.
I did not generate the whole PDFs since it takes too much time for testing. So i just viewed the preview and there the condition tags of MadCap Capture seem to be not recognized in MadCap Flare correctly if i preview PDF output.
If i generate the whole PDFs everything works as expected.

I don't know if this is an error with the preview function or if this is by design.
However, if you ever want to see the actual results of your MadCap Capture images don't rely on the preview function in MadCap Flare.

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