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Capture Single-sourcing general concept

Postby dorcutt on Wed Jul 30, 2014 7:04 am

Okay, so I have another general capture question. Unfortunately, I think I know the answer, but hopefully I'll be pleasantly surprised. Basically, can an image have more than one props file?

I got very excited by the notion of saving crop information for images. I was envisioning a situation where I could take one screenshot of a toolbar, for instance, and then basically use Capture to create props files with the image cropped down to show each button. Then, I can link to each button image in Flare wherever they were used. Then, say, if the toolbar color changed, for instance, I was envisioning recapturing the one toolbar image, and have all of my button props files (with their saved crop information) automatically "grab" the updated button images.

As I understand it currently, I would take an image of that toolbar (or the whole UI, or I could just capture the button region) for each button, and do the recapturing for each button. The single-sourcing would be achieved by inserting the same button image in multiple places (or into a snippet block where possible) in Flare.

Do I have the general concept here?
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