Cannot apply conditions in Capture 6 on Windows 10

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Cannot apply conditions in Capture 6 on Windows 10

Postby owenf on Wed Sep 14, 2016 2:30 am

Hi everyone,

i came looking for something about this and didn't find it, so i am going to post a quick description of this bug in the hope that it helps someone. It's capture 6 and i'm not a frequent user, so it's not worth it for me to submit a bug; later versions and heavier users of Capture may see better support on Windows 10.

Conditions: capture 6, flare 11.1.2, windows 10. Open image in Capture, from Flare, and attempt to apply conditions to an object using object properties dialog.
Symptoms: The checkboxes are not available! no combination of clickery that i tried would result in the condition indicators displaying on the object. BUT, select all and unselect all Do work, so you can apply all conditions from a tagset. this leads to the Workaround:
    Open object properties> conditions
    Select all conditions from the tagset that contains the tag you wanted to apply
    click ok and save the image
    Use windows explorer to browse to the .props file for that image, and open it with a text editor
    find the shape that has all the conditions - mine was a text box
    remove the condition attributes that you don't want from the shape xml node (see image)
    save the props file
    reopen the image in capture to verify that you have only the one color on the object's conditional tag indicators

i hope this helps you, but if it's a lot of faff for you then consider submitting a bug if your paid for version of capture suffers from this

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Re: Cannot apply conditions in Capture 6 on Windows 10

Postby ajturnersurrey on Tue Oct 11, 2016 7:08 am

These days I use Capture 7 and Flare 12 on Windows 10 - but I just wondered whether you were falling foul of not having your capture images inside a MadCap Flare project? Only once they live inside a project do they have a condition set to call up. This caught me out once or twice in the early days.
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