Screenshot looks fine in Capture, Blurry in Word

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Screenshot looks fine in Capture, Blurry in Word

Postby TBallad on Wed Oct 12, 2016 12:33 pm

I'm working on some legacy documentation that I haven't gotten into Flare yet - mostly updating screenshots. I'm using Capture, and when I look at the screenshots in capture, they look fine. When I insert them into a Word doc, they're blurry. I'm capturing .PNG files at 300 dpi so image quality shouldn't be an issue. I've attached a sample screenshot, unfortunately the forums won't let me upload a word doc with the same screenshot for comparison.

Any ideas?


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Re: Screenshot looks fine in Capture, Blurry in Word

Postby SteveS on Wed Oct 12, 2016 2:25 pm

Hi Tricia,

Welcome to the forums! :D

If you are capturing screenshots the native resolution of the image is 96 dpi, the resolution used by your monitor. If you make the image resolution 300 dpi all you are doing is taking the coloured dots that make up the image and instead of displaying 96 to the inch putting 300 to the inch. This makes the image approximately 1/3 of the size. Then, when you resize the image you are relying on the graphics engine to guess what colour to make each dot. If you are exactly 300% its easy, anything else makes the image blurry.

My tip is if you are taking screenshots keep the image resolution the same as your screen resolution. If you are scanning images, or using photographs you can use 300 dpi (or 600 dpi) without a problem.

The other thing to be aware of is although Word shows the image as 100% by 100% it sometimes can be a bit blurry. If you select picture tools -> format, launch the layout dialog box and click reset the image sharpens. I have written a macro to reset all the images in a Word document to be sure.


PS There are a lot of topics on this forum discussing image resolution.
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Re: Screenshot looks fine in Capture, Blurry in Word

Postby wilma on Sat Sep 16, 2017 8:56 am

Hi with Flare 2017 we did like this. It's a work around and still we do not understand why in another project images are not generated resized if the option is NOT selected (correct behaviour)
1. in the Word Target deselect Advanced > Generate resized copies of images and Embed images in output
2. Compile
3. Check the output folder: images have been copied and resized (i.e.: > myimage_340x220.png) *strange, deselecting Generate resized copies this should not happen!
4. Oper the Word file
5. In Options, Advances, Show content.. select Show field codes
6. Back in the Word editor > Replace.
7. Enable "Allow jolly characters"
8. Find "_3*.png" and replace with ".png"
9. Change all the images
10. Save
11. In Options, Advances, Show content.. deselect Show field codes
12 Back in the Editor Select All > F9: all the images are replaced
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