Where, Oh Where are My Graphics!!!!

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Oh Wherem Oh Where are My Graphics?????

Postby jleer on Mon Jul 03, 2017 1:11 pm

OK. I capture a screen shot with Capture.
Then I add graphics, i.e., rectangle around an area of the screen or a callout added.
I save all my changes.

when I build and publish, there screen capture is there but WITHOUT THE ADDED GRAPHICS!

Yes, the .props file is there. Yes, the topic renders the image with the appropriate graphics in the appropriate positions.


I have tried everything. The only thing that works is taking a snipping (with Snipping) of the image with the graphics layer, and replacing the props, and png files.
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Re: Where, Oh Where are My Graphics!!!!

Postby SteveS on Mon Jul 03, 2017 3:25 pm

Welcome to the forums. :D

Your first couple of posts need to be moderated, just so we are sure you are not a spammer. So your three posts were in the moderation queue. I've taken the liberty of deleting and merging, so we don't have three identical threads.

Also keep in mind this is a peer to peer forum, with volunteer moderators who have no connection with Madcap, just years of industry experience and Flare, Capture, Mimic, DocToHelp, Lingo, etc use. The folk from Madcap do drop in from time to time, but their interaction is to be counted as a bonus, not a given.

Now, onto your question.
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