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Capture & Multiple Displays

Postby Shredder on Fri Feb 26, 2021 8:03 am

Hi everyone,

I noticed today that Capture doesn't seem to support work environments with multiple displays. I have two displays hooked up to the docking station for my laptop. The laptop is display 1, the two displays are display 2 and 3. The desktop is extended. If I want to capture a region on display 2 or 3, the task bar with the red button does not appear below the rectangle with the selection. However, if the selected region is on the far left of display 2, then the task bar appears on the far right of display 3. If the selected region is on the display 1 (the laptop), then the taskbar will appear below the rectangle.

Is this a bug, or are multiple displays simply not that well supported by Capture? I need to know this so I can adjust my workflow.
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