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Capture V4 released

Postby Richard Ferrell on Thu Feb 26, 2009 10:39 am

:( This is a Free upgrade for Capture, You will receve an email with the download Link

Following are new features included in this version of Capture.

Major New Features
Following are the major new features being introduced in this version of Capture.

Capture New Image from Windows Clipboard
In addition to the numerous methods for capturing a new image, you can now create a new image by capturing whatever is on your Windows clipboard.

To use this feature, simply take a new screenshot of something on your screen (e.g., by pressing PrtScn or ALT+PrtScn on your keyboard). Then select Capture>Capture New Image from Clipboard.

See Capturing an Image from the Windows Clipboard.

You can now take advantage of condition tags in Capture, both at the file level and the object level. Condition tags are a way to mark your images and objects so that they are included in some circumstances, but excluded in other circumstances.

You can create your own condition tags within images or profiles in Capture. However, they are especially useful if you are integrating your images into a MadCap Flare or Blaze project. By linking the image to a Flare or Blaze project, you automatically have access to all of the condition tags already created in that project.

Object Anchors
You can set anchors on any objects that you add to an image. An anchor is a way to "lock" the position of the object so that it stays in place even if the configuration of the image is (e.g., cropped or resized). You can set anchors on any of the four sides of an object—top, bottom, left, right.

Object Groups
You can group multiple objects into an object group, which then acts as a single object. And at any point, you can ungroup the objects so that they are separate once again.

Profile Enhancements
The following enhancements have been made to profiles:

Apply profiles
Save images to profile targets
Clone profiles
Applying Profiles to Images
You can now apply profiles to existing images. That way, you can quickly apply all of the settings from that profile to the image. To do this, open the image, select File>Apply Profile, and select the profile that you want to use.

Saving Images to Profile Targets
In previous versions of Capture, if you wanted the same image to use more than one profile, you had to manually go through the process of creating many copies of the image, each time using a different profile. However, you can now accomplish this much more quickly by saving the image to multiple profile targets. To do this, simply open the image, select File>Save To Targets, and place check marks next to the profiles that you want to use.

Cloning Profiles
If you want to create a new profile that shares many of the same settings as an existing profile, you can quickly clone it and then make adjustments to the new profile as necessary. This allows you to create the new profile more quickly, without having to spend a lot of time specifying all of the settings that you want.

Shadows on Images
In previous versions of Capture, you could add shadow effects to objects on an image, but not to an image itself. Starting with this version, you can also add shadows to images.

Additional New Features
In addition to the major features, the following additional features are now available in Capture.

There is a new setting in the Options dialog (Tools>Options) that lets you tell Capture that any open files should automatically be saved periodically. You can specify the number of seconds that should elapse between each auto-save.

See Options Dialog.

Crop—Maximize Rectangle
When you are in the process of cropping an image, you might want to maximize the crop rectangle, returning it to its original size.
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Re: Capture V4 released

Postby Andrew on Tue Mar 31, 2009 7:20 am

Has anyone else noticed that the regional capture seems a bit more accurate for capturing along the edges of an object? I've used Capture to cap screens from a Word doc that were embedded there, and v4 seemed to ever so slightly lock to the edge of the color.

Or perhaps it was just an increase in precision?
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