Audio & Video Syncing Issue

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Audio & Video Syncing Issue

Postby AA_MCT on Mon Nov 07, 2016 12:49 pm

I'm working on a video using Mimic 8, and I'm having issues with syncing up the audio and video. The video is around 11:34 in length. Early on, I ran into SystemOutofMemory exception errors, so I split the video into 4 separate videos and added them to a collection. In a separate tool, I split the audio file up into 4 smaller files using the times I saw for each video in Mimic. When I preview the first frame in the 4th video, I'm seeing/hearing that the audio and the callouts on the screen are off by about 3-4 seconds with the audio being the element lagging.

Has anyone else run into this issue? Does anyone have any solutions?

As a kind of work around, I've built the videos without audio in Mimic, merged the videos in another tool, and then merged the audio and the video in yet another tool. I would really like to be able to skip the last step.
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