No ability to group objects?

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No ability to group objects?

Postby moshe on Sun Mar 04, 2018 1:11 am

It seems that Mimic lacks a basic functionality: you cannot define multiple objects as a group, and then manipulate them together as a group. This functionality exists in all of the competing products that I have evaluated (Camtasia, Active Presenter, Captivate). In Mimic you can resize/align a group of objects together by temporarily selecting the objects as a group (hold Ctrl + Click on each object), then either Right-click > Make Same, or Home ribbon > Alignment. However, you cannot simultaneously add keyframes to multiple objects that I want to function as a group. You need to add a separate set of keyframes to each object separately, which can be a huge waste of time. Additionally, grouped objects in PowerPoint are not imported as a group. I hope that this is a functionality that exists, and that I am somehow not seeing it.

I am a long-time Flare user, and was hoping to incorporate Mimic also. But this might be a deal-breaker. :(

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