Problem with Mimic 8.1 in Windows 10

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Problem with Mimic 8.1 in Windows 10

Postby dmucciolo on Wed Jun 27, 2018 5:51 am


I am having a problem when recording full screen in Windows 10 using Mimic 8.1. I am getting an error "System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception occurred at ..."
Mimic Error 6.15.18.png

This occurs when attempting to record a movie using full screen. The Taskbar appears inside the recording window, so I can start recording. Once recording I can no longer see the Taskbar; when I press the End key, I get the error.

This is not a problem when recording a movie using a section of the screen.


7/6/18 Update:
At this time there is no resolution; MadCap Support has reported the issue to the development team. :(
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Re: Problem with Mimic 8.1 in Windows 10

Postby HyperMom on Fri May 22, 2020 10:28 am

I have yet to use Mimic successfully when recording a full screen. I was told for my first trouble-tix to try all of this:

1) Regarding the size of the capture region, are you capturing the entire screen in your Movie or just a portion of it? I assume that you're using the End key to finish Recording because the Stop Recording toolbar is not displayed on-screen for you to use, is that right?
2) What are your system's Screen Display settings? Scaling & Resolution (particularly for the monitor you are trying to record on if you have more than one monitor)

The options we have for attempting to resolve this are as follows:
- ensure your scaling is set to 100% while you are recording (system restart may be required for setting changes to take effect)
- close the software and clear the MimicMdiEditor folder (remove or delete this folder, which can be found here: C:/Users/[username]/AppData/Roaming/MadCap Software/Mimic). This file will be regenerated when you reopen Mimic
- repair Mimic: in the Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features, select MadCap Mimic 8.1 and click "Uninstall/Change". Then, in the displayed dialog, click "Repair"
- uninstall & reinstall Mimic

For each of these possible options, attempt one at a time completely, making sure to re-test the behavior in between each suggestion.

Let me know what you try and what your results are, or whether you need further guidance completing any of the processes suggested. If we exhaust all of those possibilities, we will attach your name to the Bug Report.

I didn't go through that list before sending off my 2nd support tix.

I'm glad to know that it might work with a portion of the screen. I'll try that but I'm also going to look into alternatives to Mimic and Captivate.

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