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Timing on output movie does not match Frame Timespan

PostPosted: Wed Jan 26, 2011 12:32 pm
by akhoff
I have created a mimic movie that basically is a software demo. I have added text boxes, text balloons and voice overs. When I first created the move, everything was fine. However, I have made some changes to some of the frames and now the timing of the output does not match the timing of the frames. This seems to be a random problem, it is not just happening to the frames that I changed. No matter how long I specify some frames to be, when I either preview the frame or build the output and view the movie, the timing is still wrong. Even the additional ballons or text boxes that are set to display at a certain time in the movie will not be displayed, the frame just cuts after a certain number of seconds and goes to the next frame. I have tried this on several computers and made sure that the output was not cached. Has anyone else experienced this problem? It seems like a software bug unless I am doing something wrong. Thanks for any help or ideas.