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Issues with MMF output and distribution

PostPosted: Wed Apr 06, 2011 6:36 am
by todd.richardson

I have encountered a few issues with MMF output/distribution:

1) When I click on the output file (.mcmoviesys) on my machine, the movie appears to launch the MadCap Movie Viewer AND Mimic. The viewer window disappears almost immediately, then the movie project opens in Mimic. Any idea why this is happening? How do I force the output file to open the viewer, not Mimic?

2) I posted the output folder (MMF) to a network location, as well as the .msi install file for the MadCap Movie Viewer. A coworker installed the viewer, then launched the movie output. The output did not recognize a suitable player/program, even though the MadCap Movie Viewer—the viewer required for that format—had been installed. Again, any idea why this would occur? Is there something I am missing?