HTML 5 output issues after upgrade

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HTML 5 output issues after upgrade

Postby ThomasH on Wed Feb 06, 2013 8:29 am

Yesterday we upgraded to Mimic 7 (from Mimic 5) and for obvious reasons I wanted to check out the HTML5 output.

Everything works fine as long as I am recording new videos.
But when it comes to render videos that were recoreded with Mimic 5 the build progress doesn't finish. It get's stuck at "Generating single file output" and does not continue. I've been waiting for over an hour today and nothing happend. On another try I got a javascript error (unfortunately I didn't capture the screen) and when I clicked on ok the build progress was terminated with an error. The build videos containes only black frames.

When I choose flash output which we normally use it works like a charm...

Does anyone use Mimic 7 already and have you observed similar behaviour?
I'd really appreciate any clues!
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