Disappearing List of Excluded IPs

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Disappearing List of Excluded IPs

Postby imahw09 on Thu Feb 24, 2011 1:35 pm


I have mostly configured Feedback Explorer to work with my help file in Flare. The one problem I am having is with the list of excluded IP addresses. I have a list of 30+ IP addresses to exclude. I am able to enter this successfully (so it seems), but by the next day, the text box is empty. First question: is the list actually gone, or is it just not visible for some reason?

I initially thought something on the server was affecting it, but today, after re-entering the list again and closing both the file and Feedback Explorer, I realized I forgot to add some other settings. I launched Feedback Explorer by clicking on the feedback file in Windows Explorer, and when the file opened, the list appeared momentarily, and then vanished. It hasn't re-appeared. Does anyone have any idea as to what could be happening?

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