Multiple Keys in one Project?

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Multiple Keys in one Project?

Post by EmilyM »


Is it possible to somehow use more than one key in a project so that the data is split up?

We actually have 40+ projects that make up our merged help, and I assigned each project a key, grouping them in a logical way, eg, all the finance related projects got the same key.

However, I have discovered today that the help is currently built and published in a work-around manner that pulls all the topics into the master project (using a batch file) and then builds and publishes the help as if it is one project (not merged). So therefore, only one key is being used and all the data is in one file, which is going to get messy...

The reason behind the work-around is we were getting a lot of complaints about how slow the help was to load. The work around has improved the load speed by over 100% and everyone is very happy.
We have logged the issue with Flare but until they resolve the issue, we have to do the build as above.


I hope that makes sense...

Basically I need to know if there is anyway to get the feedback data separated even though it is in one project.


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Re: Multiple Keys in one Project?

Post by owilkes »

Hi Emily,

Writing to provide my suggestion, and also to find out if you actually got a resolution?

What we will be attempting is to use Outlook rules to divert emails that are sent to the central email, so they are then sent to the relevant groups, dependent on the chain from the "Topic: " text. However, we haven't actually tested that/confirmed it working yet - and it will only help with comments, not stats.

Alternatively - does building 10 targets inside the same project give the same performance search problem? (as you can apply a different feedback config to each target, rather than project). That's what we do - but we currently have similar problems with search performance - only 15 targets, but they add up to a fairly huge 30,000+ topics. We're doing anything we can to improve performance, both for the editors and the end users.

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