Madcap Feedback server and the SQL instance

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Madcap Feedback server and the SQL instance

Postby mahesh_holkal on Sun Mar 04, 2012 8:34 pm

Hi Folks

We are in the process of rolling-out webhelp output to a production instance and planning to enable comments using the Madcap Feedback Server. As a requirement, the webserver should be available on a high-availability mode and therefore we have two server instances. The problem is:
• Where do we need to install the Feedback Server and the SQL database?
• What is the recommended install configuration for fail-over? For a high-availability:
 Is it mandatory to run SQL instance on a different machine other than the two webserver instances?
 The above configuration means, instead of two physical hardware boxes (one primary and one secondary webserver), we would also need two instances, one to run the SQL database (primary) and the other one as secondary for failover.
• About web-content availability and webconfig file:
 Not sure, if we need to compile webhelp content separately for each instance. If that is not needed, how do we handle the webconfig file in two different instances?
Any help is highly appreciated.

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