FBCONF files are overwritten by subsystems

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FBCONF files are overwritten by subsystems

Postby kashby on Tue Jun 05, 2012 4:17 pm

I have a knowledge base that is divided into 5 subsections, each with a unique feedback key. When I configure and save the feedback settings for each subsection, the FBCONF file is overwritten because the first two files use the same file name. The end result is that I should have 5 separate configuration files but I actually end up with 4. The file naming convention uses this model: File, File1, File2, File3, and File4. However, the initial File and the first attempt at File1 both use "File." It isn't until the third attempt that you actually get a File1.

It would be nice if the files inerited file names from the project name field, but this isn't the case. All my project names are unique, but the configuration files are the same as the master-level project.

Any ideas?
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